Practical information

Venue of the Conference

Parsian Evin Hotel - Tehran
Address: Yadegar Highway, South Chamran Highway,
Tehran-lRAN. Tel.: (+009821) 2740500
Fax.: (+009821) 22344344

Entry Visa to Iran

RAI will provide visa references from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of lran for foreign participants. The visa will be electronic and there will be no entry/exit stamp on the passports of the participants.
In order to get visa either from the embassies/consulates of Iran in other countries or at the Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKIA) in Tehran upon arrival, all participants in the conference are requested to contact the related people in charge in RAI & UIC.
The foreign participants who will need visa should send a copy of their passport together with a formal personal picture of themselves to the above-mentioned people in charge.

Logistic for the Transfer & Accommodation in lran

Welcome Desk at the Airport

A RAI-UIC Welcome Desk will be put in place at the lmam Khomeini Airport, opened 24 hours a day (with 2 people from RAI welcoming the participants). The Welcome desk will be designed with the three logos of UIC/RAI/UIC nextstation in order to be visible to the participant.

Transfer from the airport to the hotel

RAI will provide cars and taxis to transfer participants from the Airport to the hotel & conference centre. The transfer will be free of charge.

Hotel reservation

Parsian Evin Hotel will reserve the rooms with the special rates for the delegates of this conference:

Online booking

Information Desk

The information desk will be set up in the hotel. The concerned staff will provide all necessary information, assistance and guidelines to all the participants.

On-site badge pick-up

The conference will start with an opening session on Monday, 11 November 2019, at 09:00 am. The conference badges and welcome packages will be delivered to the participants upon their arrival to the hotel that they will be residing in.

Technical visit for foreign participants

A Charter flight will be planned to take foreign participants from Tehran to lsfahan, on 12 November 2019 in the evening.
Isfahan, a very historical, unique and touristic city in central lran, worldly acknowledged for its Persian architecture, is 450 km far away from Tehran and the flight duration from Tehran to Isfahan is maximum one hour. The delegates will be in a hotel in Isfahan on the evening of 12 November 2019 (one night stay in lsfahan).

There will be sightseeing and technical visit of Isfahan on 13 November. It will be a full day, visiting the railway station & also sight-seeing of lsfahan. There will be flight back from lsfahan to Tehran on Wednesday, 13 November in the evening. The flight times from Tehran to lsfahan and also from lsfahan to Tehran will be put on the website soon.

Expected Arrival dates of delegates

Delegates/Participants are expected to arrive in Tehran 10 November 2019. Welcome coffee in the evening of Sunday 10 November 2019 will be arranged.

Fees for the conference

Fees for the Delegates/Participants for the conference are as follows:

  • 700 Euros per Non-UIC Member participant,
  • 500 Euros per UIC Member state,
  • 200 Euros per foreign student,
  • Free for speakers, moderators, VIPs, accredited journalist,
  • Fees for the Exhibitors (TBD.),
  • Fees for the sponsors (TBD.).


All foreign participants are requested to bring adequate cash with themselves due to the fact that presently international credit cards are not in use in lran.

Language of Proceedings

The official language of the Conference will be in English.


RAI company will coordinate and take all necessary security arrangements during the Conference with the cooperation of related bodies.